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Western India Plywoods Limited, Kerala, India
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Electrical Insulation
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Electrical Insulation
Western India Plywoods Limited Kerala India Pre-Compressed Pressboard HV Transformer Insulation

The Western India Plywoods Limited (WIP), the largest integrated wood processing complex in the country it was incorporate in the year 1945.

We produce high quality different grades of Electrical Insulation Pre-compressed Pressboard (Transformerboard) and Components. Our Products (Transformer Board) is conforming to International and Indian Standard viz. IEC 60641 B.3.1, JIS C 2305, DIN 7733, BS 231-1975 & IS - 1576 - 1992 etc.

Our electrical grade Densified Wood (compreg) conforming to IS: 3513 (Part 1)-1989 is being extensively use by all leading power and distribution transformer manufacturers.

The Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India has approved the R&D wing of WIP.

Insulation Corrugated Board Pressboard Components Precompressed Pressboards


Pre-compressed Pressboard (Transformer Board) Components & Sheet for Power & Distribution Transformers and Switchgears for electrical insulation


Transformer Wooden Nut Bolt Wooden Insulation Component

Laminated Densified Wood Components for Power & Distribution Transformers and Switchgears for electrical insulation.